At Results, we are proud to work with several outstanding individuals that are leaders in their industries. Just recently, Tim Latimer of Cashco Financial, and Ryan Vestby of CompuVision were named as Business in Edmonton’s Leaders of Tomorrow award winners.

 The Business in Edmonton Leaders Award celebrates “the men and women that have created successful companies while showing integrity and initiative in everything they do, giving back to the community, and grooming the next generation of entrepreneurs”.

Tim Latimer (CEO), Cashco Financial

Cashco Financial is a leader in alternative lending options for Canadians. Cashco exists to provide relief today and hope for tomorrow. This company purpose is what led Tim Latimer to create a new business model that brings dignity and respect to the underserved financial market.

“I realized early in my career that my success and personal happiness would arise from what I could give to others rather than what I could get from them. I’ve learned that  leadership means to listen before I speak, to be empathetic and genuine and to try to connect on a deeper, emotional level.” – Tim Latimer, CEO

With massive regulatory changes looming, Tim Latimer had to shift the focus of the company as they quickly adapted to a new environment. This adaptation resulted in a game changing partnership with ATB financial. This partnership allows customers of Cashco Financial to access safe and affordable banking products in a way that works for them.

Ryan Vestby (CEO), CompuVision

CompuVision is a leading outsourced IT provider that focuses on helping small businesses achieve their business goals by delivering enterprise class IT service and support. CompuVision lives by their noble promise – the relentless pursuit for the success of others.

“Four years ago was pretty important for us – we took a look in the mirror and asked ourselves ‘ what are we doing this for, what is our why?’ Out of that exercise drove out something we call our noble promise – the relentless pursuit for the success of others. The “success of others” is three-fold for us, our clients, our people and our community.”  – Ryan Vestby, CEO

Ryan Vestby believes that with a planned course of action, there is no stopping what technology can do for an organization.  The CompuVision platform is a combination of tools, technology, systems, processes, and personnel that together make the most powerful IT outsourcing solution on the market.