Change Management


Change Management and Change Management Planning

It’s estimated that 70% of all change projects in organizations fail. Common reasons for failure include lack of planning, insufficient alignment with corporate goals, employee resistance, and change fatigue. But without change, companies miss opportunities and risk becoming obsolete.

With the right skills and processes, leaders can flip this script. A well-thought-through change management plan starts with understanding the nature of change. It uses a process for planning and implementing change projects. This, in turn, drastically improve the chances of success.

In companies, change management is less about technologies, tools, assets, and resources. Rather, it’s more about people - we must consider the human side of change management. Evolution has wired human beings to seek safety, minimize risks and stay in stable situations.

Therefore, to implement organizational change, leaders must acknowledge and validate these tendencies. Then they can work to guide their people through the distinct phases that every change project must go through.

In this series of articles, we cover how to:

  • Avoid the most common pitfalls in organizational change.
  • Understand and scale change projects in your firm.
  • Overcome psychological resistance to change.
  • Implement a 5-Step change process.
  • Create a Change Management Plan
  • Ensure organizational learning so that over time your company becomes more nimble, adaptable, and skilled at change.

Throughout this series, we will also provide resources, examples and change management plan templates to help you and your organisation through any change, small or large.

These articles will be published from June to November 2023.

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