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Change is the only constant, both in life and in business. Results Business Consultants have spent years working with organizations of various sizes and complexity. Our specialists have assisted CEOs, Directors, and Leaders to implement and manage change within their teams.

Our Change Management Strategies rely on proven best practices. Our worksheets, templates, and assessments draw from our extensive experience consulting with leaders, decades of entrepreneurship expertise from our specialists, and the latest industry-leading research. Through our consultations and topic expertise, we have been able to develop a key understanding of the steps needed for change management, which has been encompassed in Our Change Management Plan Template.

What is A Change Management Template? 

If mismanaged, organizational change can be chaotic, Change Management Templates help leaders take a strategic approach to change by setting out a clear roadmap.

Having a clear strategy is easy with Results Business Consultants’ Change Management Templates.

With our templates, we follow the same process we take with our own clients when planning for change: 
First, we work through having a clear roadmap and goal in mind. This is to ensure that the ‘way forward’ is clear and that we have buy-in from all stakeholders. This also includes having measures of success and chosen KPIs at the beginning of the process.
Second, we look at the roles and responsibilities within the Change Management Strategy. This does not simply involve assigning roles to whoever is available. The Results’ Template works with team assessments to help identify who is best suited for what role in the change management process based on their own response to change.
And finally, our Change Management Templates help you to break down each step of the process, including identifying the budget, resources, and time needed to complete each step along the way and assess your readiness for it.

Looking to take your change management strategy to the next level? Reach out to our team of business execution specialists to get started.

Change Pitfalls Worksheet

Change Campaign Lead Magnet

Every strategy for change management has to start with an awareness of the possible pitfalls. To begin, download and work through these exercises with your leadership team. This will drive awareness of the pitfalls or change and help your team to avoid them. 

To complete this worksheet, simply distribute copies among your management team. In each row, you will see the pitfall, its explanation and tips on how to avoid it. Most importantly, you will see an additional column for notes.

For this exercise, review each pitfall with your team. Following the review, encourage a free and open discussion among the group. This discussion can address your team's own personal response to the pitfall by focusing on their experience within this current or previous organization. 

Following the discussion, encourage each leadership member to add their own notes. These notes can summarize their feelings on the pitfall and brainstorm ways to avoid them. 

In our experience, we’ve found that this exercise can bring together concerns from different departments. Additionally, it can help reveal perspectives and challenges before they become a problem. This lays the groundwork for a collaborative approach to your Change Management Strategy. 


Personal Response to Change Assessment

Personal Change Assessment Lead Magnet

Even organizational change is experienced on a personal level by employees.

A successful change management plan depends on leaders and key players being in the right roles to help encourage the process. 

Start by identifying the most appropriate roles for your team members in your Change Management Strategy. Download and share our Personal Response to Change Assessment among key players in your Change Management Strategy. This process should include completing the assessment yourself. 

Answer honestly, and consider your work environment to select the score to answer each question as accurately as possible.

Once you have completed and collected the answers, you can use the Change-Readiness Scale as a tool. Let the results inform how you coach your team and choose the best role for your players in this process. For example, resourceful people are excellent problem solvers. Optimists make good cheerleaders as their input is especially useful when people feel discouraged.   

Leading Change Template

Leading Change Lead Magnet

Our Leading Change Template will help inform actions for each phase of your change management framework. This Template is a living and collaborative document. For example, this document includes a Change Management Communication Plan and has to be continuously updated and informed by the current status of the project.

Through the completion of this template, you will have the foundation for developing a successful change management strategy. Additionally, you have laid the groundwork for an effective change management communication plan.