I was very fortunate last spring to spend two days with John Spence discussing best-practices for management and leadership. John’s ability to boil things down into simple words and formulas is extremely helpful for busy leaders who generally have too much on their plates each and every day.

True to form, John posted a great video last month suggesting that business strategy can be encapsulated into two key elements:

  • Valued Differentiation – how a firm’s products and services are different from the competition in a way that the target market cares about.
  • Execution – the discipline a firm has in implementing the goals and action plans associated with the Valued Differentiation.

In this short video, John presents ideas for integrating this formula from his work with hundreds of leading firms around the world.

I am looking forward to seeing John when he is here later this month.  I hope you can join us.


Tim O’Connor CEO – Results Canada