1. Reverse Mentoring: “When he was CEO of General Electric, Jack Welch was voted the best CEO by his peers. But he knew nothing about the Internet. So every week he had some 20 year olds come in and mentor him on the web and its applications. It’s called reverse mentoring. Normally we think it’s the gray haired or no haired that mentor the young ones. Well, today, millennials have great insights and knowledge about their smartphone centric lives that can be shared with executives. ” – Jim Harris

2. Disruptive Innovation: Reactions to disruptive innovation can be compared to the phases of grief. As an example, Napster disrupted the music industry. The music industry experieced the different phases of grief: denial (we won’t change, we don’t need to change), anger (how dare they, this is pirating), negotiation (trying to limit the different platforms Napster could access), depression (music industry took a big hit), and acceptance. The faster you get through the phases, the quicker you can move forward and adapt to the change. – Jim Harris

3. Innovative Processes: “88% of executives in Canada think innovation is important, but only 22% have a formal process in place to innovate” – Jim Harris

4. The Four Customer Questions: “Why, specifically, do you do business with us? What are the top three or four reasons you chose our company? What can we do to make it easier to do business with us? What would it take to earn more, or all of your business? What would we do that would cause you to fire us right away?” – John Spence

5. Moments of Truth: “There are hundreds of touchpoints when you interact with a customer, but there are a few key moments of truth that can make or break interactions between your company and your customers” – John Spence. Spence used a restaurant as an example. You can go to a restaurant and have great food, at a reasonable price for the quality of food, experience great service, but go to a fifthly washroom and have your entire experience ruined.

What attendees are saying was the best part of BEx 2018:

“The caliber of the people! Both presenters but the best surprise for me was the quality of the audience. Really powerful networking. Kudos to the hotel – staff was world class.”

“The speakers selection was excellent! Really enjoyed all of the sessions. Very eye opening, speakers were very engaging. The two panels were the best part, very open sharing of experiences. Being in a room with this many smart, motivated people was a highlight! Flawless execution!”

“The topic of innovation/disruption and the speed at which change is happening and the impact down stream was fascinating and though provoking”

“Great conversations and relationships built. Great topics covered over the two days. Took away handfuls of information and applicable tools to implement in the next 72 hours”