Our core purpose here at Results is to Make Good Companies Great.  It’s a simple phrase, but it embodies everything we do and is the reason we jump out of bed each morning.  And there is nothing more gratifying and rewarding than seeing our clients be successful in achieving their vision.  We win when our clients win!

That is why it is so exciting for us to see six of our current and past clients make the Fast Growth 50 list for 2014 – Redrock Camps, Entrec, AltaGas, Quercus Solutions, B&B Demolition and Yardstick Software.  Awarded by Alberta Venture Magazine, this award ranks Alberta firms based on 10 growth criteria that includes revenue, asset and employee growth.

Redrock recognized as #1 in Alberta

We first started working with Redrock Camps in 2010 when Troy Ferguson and his team were becoming a niche player in the remote camp industry.  Working with the Results Business Execution Specialists, the leaders of Redrock put in place a vision and strategy that meant something to every person in the organization. The leadership team then did the hard work to define clear roles and responsibilities, upgrade hiring practices, develop better supplier and client relationships, and put in place the management and communication structure needed to execute, week in and week out.

According to Troy at Redrock, “The relationship with Results Canada has been a very influential and inspiring learning experience for our growth based business.  From realistic accountability practices to enabling strategic execution, they’ve helped a couple of entrepreneurs dream big by focusing on business leadership, people engagement and service delivery.”

It continues to be our pleasure here at Results to work with ambitious, open-minded business leaders like Troy who recognize the value of best-practices and discipline in the areas of people, strategy, execution and leadership.

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