Here at Results, we are pleased with how our business continues to grow at a rapid pace.  We are grateful to both our exceptional team and our fabulous community of clients and strategic partners who have joined us on this exciting journey.

To support our growth, we are excited to formally announce the following new roles and position changes: 

Jeff Tetz is promoted to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and will be responsible for overall business growth for Results.  This will include being our primary evangelist, coaching and supporting Practice Directors, growing our brand through speaking engagements, developing strategic relationships, and leading our entry into new markets. 

Andrea Kenna is promoted to Client Experience Officer (CXO) and will assume responsibility for marketing and lead-generation, finance, and the overall client experience including facilities and our team.  

Sean Fitzgerald will continue in his role as Chief Transformation Officer (CTO) and, along with Andrea and Jeff, will make up the Leadership Team. 

We are very excited that Marie Pin has rejoined the team as Practice Director for Vancouver.  Marie will be responsible for client growth and retention in British Columbia.

Jeff White will continue to work directly with his portfolio of clients and will expand his role to include business development responsibilities as the Calgary Practice Director.

Tim O’Connor will support and coach the new leadership team and champion key strategic projects for the organization.

In addition, there are several new roles we are in the process of filling.  These can be viewed on our Join Us page.

Growth is never a smooth (or straight!) road, but we are eager to embrace the change and see what the future holds in store for all of us.