New clients, fresh thinking, new geography – all are combining to kick-start a new generation of progress for Results Canada Inc.

The Alberta-based business consulting firm is bringing its unique focus on disciplined execution to a wider and more diversified client base, with rising activity in Alberta and a new expansion into B.C. starting with the Vancouver market.

“The business landscape in both provinces is entering an important period of transformation,” says Tim O’Connor, CEO of Results Canada Inc. “We’re excited to be a part of it. While the emerging environment brings many challenges, it is also rich in opportunities for those who can make the right adjustments and – most important – take the right steps in execution to capitalize on their potential.”

While there are many companies with great ideas, people and prospects, it’s often the execution part that is missing, says O’Connor. “Those elements are just a starting point in terms of what companies need to be successful. The rest is execution – it’s arguably the most important factor in whether or not a company can unleash its full potential.”

Results Canada has evolved from a training company in the early 90s to “The Business Execution Experts” under the Results Canada banner from 2008 to present.  The company’s approach is based on the recognition of the critical importance of execution and the need of many businesses for guidance, coaching and support to deliver it with excellence. The company has expanded steadily over more than two decades, contributing to the growth of hundreds of dynamic and innovative companies in Alberta, leading up to the current expansion phase that includes a first foray into B.C. with the launch of new activities in Vancouver.

“We’ve had an excellent run through several key phases of growth and now we’re ready for the next chapter,” says O’Connor. “Alberta businesses are overcoming challenges and battling back, while in Vancouver a fresh optimism is taking shape. We see excellent potential in both provinces.”

Times of change are times of opportunity, notes Jeff Tetz, Practice Director with Results Canada. They are also times when businesses put more focus on their direction and how they can execute to succeed. This is part of what is fueling the new expansion phase.

Among other contributing factors, the broader business culture is increasingly trumpeting the need for a greater focus on execution. It’s a trending theme among influential sources such as the Harvard Business Review as well as the books and teachings of high profile thought leaders such as John Spence and Jim Collins.

“Execution is an area we have been focused on for a long time,” says Tetz. “It has never been more relevant or in demand. Businesses are realizing setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.”

Focusing on small-to-medium sized businesses (SMB) of 25 to 300 employees is a good fit for Results Canada, says Tetz. It allows the company to specialize on the unique requirements of a huge – if often overlooked – driver of job creation and overall economic health.

“SMB enterprises often don’t get the attention or credit they deserve compared to large sized companies, but in many ways they are the true drivers of innovation, progress and employment growth,” says Tetz. “We’re fortunate to focus on this component of the business community, where many firms are at a perfect stage of development and growth potential to benefit the most from our services. Once the execution piece is strengthened, they can really take off.”

Results Canada clients have regularly received awards and recognition broadly in the business community and within their industries. Results Canada was recently named to the Alberta Venture 2017 Fast Growth 50 list joining several Results Canada clients who have made this list over the years.