Today we’re posting a Season 2 bonus episode, Values-Based Decision Making with guest Trevor Muir. As a 27-year veteran in the oil and gas industry, Trevor has extensive experience in the instrumentation, electrical and mechanical fields. Initially gaining industry experience as a journeyman instrument mechanic, Trevor joined Surepoint Group in 2003 as a project manager and progressed through multiple leadership roles. He was named Chief Executive Officer in 2013 and is responsible for the strategic direction and operational management of Surepoint. He has a proven track record of maximizing operational efficiencies by focusing on a culture of constant improvement and the highest level of customer satisfaction.



Some takeaways from the episode:
  • make decisions with the end in mind (have a vision and let that guide you)
  • build trusting relationships with your board
  • lead by example and share the pain
  • rely on past hardship to guide your decision making in uncertainty
  • share the story with your clients
  • be vulnerable and ask for help

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