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4 Principles to Motivate People to Change

If organizations don’t change, they die. It’s estimated that 70% of change projects fail in...

Tim O'Connor

Leadership Challenges: What’s Keeping Leaders Up at Night?

Running a company can often feel like a solitary journey. It can be isolating and overwhelming...

Tim O'Connor

Decoding Organizational Change

Too often change projects fall short, and that results in disengagement and poor performance. By...

Tim O'Connor

Leading Change Model: Planning the Journey

Without change, our organizations at best miss opportunities, and at worse become obsolete....

Tim O'Connor

Change Management Plan Templates

Change is the only constant, both in life and in business. Results Business Consultants have...

Tim O'Connor

The Perfect Story

Humans aren’t emotionally engaged by facts and data. Yet most leaders try to use these to...

Tim O'Connor

Mitigating Resistance to Change in an Organization: The Psychology of Change

We sometimes assume if we build it, they will come. Then we encounter unexpected resistance to...

Tim O'Connor

Psychological Safety in The Workplace – Don’t Feed the Elephants!

Connection and psychological safety underpin business success. Yet too many companies lack one or...

Tim O'Connor

Why Does Change Management Fail (And What To Do About It)

Change isn’t easy. It’s estimated that 70% of change projects fail. We need a better approach to...

Tim O'Connor

Four Pillars for Leading a Winning Culture

Great cultures are rare. Most leaders don’t know how to create a winning culture, and therefore...

Tim O'Connor
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