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When you can’t trust your own brain

Most of us take for granted our own thinking skills. We make decisions, see patterns, consume...

Tim O'Connor

The Transition to Stage Two

1. First Stage Thinking The focus and effort of an organization in Stage One or “startup mode”...

Tim O'Connor

No One Works For You!

When speaking to groups, I often ask the question, “Who here has people that work for them?”...

Tim O'Connor

Does your schedule match your values?

An ongoing topic in management and leadership literature is balance. A challenge all business...

Tim O'Connor

Edmonton based Yardstick, Winner of Canada’s Top 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures

It is our great pleasure to announce that our client, Yardstick, has been recognized as one of

Tim O'Connor

Who doesn’t want a crystal ball?

An oft heard excuse for poor planning (and poor execution), is that there is no such thing as a...

How to unleash your productivity

Personal productivity is an essential skillset for all leaders and high performing individuals....

Tim O'Connor

Strategy is part of Disciplined Execution

The phrase “business execution” has come to the forefront in the last decade as companies...

Tim O'Connor

Put on Your Strategic Thinking Cap

In my first entrepreneurial venture, I often confused tactical activity with strategic...

Tim O'Connor

Are you getting repeatable results?

As business leaders, we continually look for ways to create better results. Much of our effort...

Tim O'Connor